4 recipes to help you enjoy the beauty of mangoes like Aamir Khan and his son Azad


Mangoes are probably the most anticipated fruit of the year, as savoring these seasonal delicacies is a summer tradition in most desi homes. It seems Aamir Khan and his son Azad are no different as they were recently seen devouring the King of Fruits. Their love for mangoes is evident on their faces as they seem determined to polish the tidy pile of fruit waiting on the table in front of them.

Well, if you want to enjoy mangoes as much as this father-son duo, try these recipes that enhance the flavor of this delicious fruit.

  1. A Refreshing Desi Mango Salad – 3 Ways

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, but want to savor this tangy fruit, we may be able to interest you in a series of easy pea recipes for mango salad. If you’re curious about what flavorful ingredients go well with mango, they’re delicious with raw bananas, jalapenos, and even ginger, basil, lemon, and lime! Opt for not overripe mangoes when making these salads as you want to avoid the luscious sweetness of overripe fruit.

Don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on all the ingredients because you can use some substitutes like cilantro, spring onions and oranges for these recipes!

  1. Mango Thai Sticky Rice

If you want to move away from the sugary desserts that are a highlight of Indian cuisine, it might be time to experiment with Thai cuisine. Mango sticky rice is an old-fashioned South Asian dessert you definitely have to try when mangoes are in season. It includes sticky rice, ripe mangoes, and tons of thickened coconut milk. It is a wonderful summer dessert that can be served on banana leaves if you want to serve it authentically like on the streets of Bangkok.

  1. Mango cheese rolls

If you’ve tried and loved cheesy cherry pineapple at a local restaurant, it would be safe to say that you might enjoy these mango cheese rolls. They are a quick way to serve this fruit as a base ingredient in an appetizer at a party. Alternatively, it works well as a quick snack for unexpected guests or even kids who want an unusual treat.

  1. No-Bake Mango Cake

If a birthday is looming and you want to opt for a fresh and hassle-free cake, then this No Bake Mango cake is for you. The flavors are light and the ingredients are few, making it ideal even for a last-minute cook, if you need a dessert in a jiffy. You will need some fresh mangoes, bread and cream or milk. The best part is that you can do this without using an oven or microwave!

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