23 inexpensive Cardiff food that will make your mouth water and won’t break the bank


Payday has just passed and you’re still too nervous to take a look at your bank balance.

But if there’s one thing that will cheer you up, it’s food.

Fortunately, Cardiff is spoiled for choice when it comes to cheap dining.

Here is a selection of our favorites …

1. The lazy leek

A cute little vegan fast food shack in the heart of Pontcanna, Lazy Leek offers delicious dirty fries and excellent vegan burgers like The Mac to the Future (£ 8), a breaded macaroni and a ‘mozzarella’ patty with romesco sauce with piquillo and walnuts and chimichurri.

Where? Kings Road Yard, Kings Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9DF

2. New York Deli

The huge New York Deli hoagies are big enough to get you ready for lunch and dinner. It has been a Cardiff institution since 1990 for good reason. Try their iconic New York City hoagie (£ 8.50), filled with pastrami, Swiss cheese, coleslaw, salad and thousand island dressing.

Where? 20 High Street Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BB

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3. Pooja

Pooja Pani Puri Plate

This Indian candy and snack shop serves vegetarian curries and fried treats. Be sure to check out their paneer rolls (£ 1.50), golden pastry cylinders filled with spicy Indian cottage cheese. Plus, their pani puri (£ 5) are excellent – these crispy packages are filled with soft potatoes and chickpeas and accompanied by a spicy herbal-filled water that you can pour into the shells.

Where? 3 Albany Road, Cardiff CF24 3LH

4. Ffwrnes

Ffwrnes Pizza

BBC TV documentary stars Pizza Boys, Jez and Ieuan are best friends baking delicious Neapolitan-style pizza at their Cardiff market stall. I recommend their Jiawl Bach (£ 8), which is topped with spicy salami and chili peppers.

Where? Cardiff Central Market, St Mary’s Street, Cardiff CF10 1AU

5. Fresh Baguette

Baguette filled with Fresh Baguette Cardiff

Fresh Baguette sandwiches regularly line up in front of their store and for good reason. Their regularly changing specials are as thoughtful and taken into account as a restaurant dish. Make sure to visit on a Friday when they serve their Indian Spiced Chicken Baguette (£ 5.75) with mango mayonnaise and onion bhajis.

Where? 32 Arcade Royale, Cardiff CF10 1AE

6. Ji fried chicken

Popcorn Fried Chicken Paper Bag

This Taiwanese Fried Chicken Shop serves up crispy breaded chicken that can be seasoned with a kaleidoscope of different flavored seasoning powders ranging from plum, cheese and lemon to numbing paprika, garlic and chili. I’m particularly fond of the Chicken Popcorn (£ 4.50) which comes in a bag.

Where? 231 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF11 9AL

7. Cafe du Chat Noir

Croque Monsieur from Café du Chat Noir Cardiff

This friendly French café serves one of Cardiff’s best grilled sandwiches as well as delicious homemade quiches. Their croque monsieur (£ 8.45) is made of sliced ​​golden white bread filled with tender ham and velvety nutmeg bechamel sauce. It’s topped with a sparkling layer of stringy melted Gruyere (and a runny poached egg if you go for the Madame).

Where? 28 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PB

8. Rom Eats

Slices of pizza from RomEat Cardiff

If slice pizza is your thing, then look no further than RomEat in Roath. Their crisp and airy Roman-style pizza slices are available with toppings such as butternut squash, mozzarella, pancetta, and ‘nduja (£ 4.50) or if you want to keep it classic, a big chunk of margherita doesn’t cost much. than £ 3.

Where? 123 Albany Road, Cardiff CF24 3NS

9. Madhav

Madhav is a Cardiff institution thanks to its great value Indian cuisine

This Asian mini-market and vegetarian café is a Cardiff institution thanks to its spicy Indian food and excellent value for money. Try their special homemade thali which includes two vegetable curries, daal, rice, bread, raita, pickles and poppadoms.

Where? 59 Lower Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 6LW

10. Nok and Roni’s kitchen

Roni ran the highly regarded Falafel Kitchen on Crwys Road, but he has now teamed up with his wife Nok to sell falafels and Thai food in the markets of South Wales. Their crispy falafels (£ 6) are fried fresh to order, stuffed in soft homemade pita bread, and served with plenty of salads and fresh sauces.

Where? Regularly at Riverside Market and Roath Market

11. Scruffy puppies

Scruffy Pups Ruben Sandwich
Scruffy Pups Epic Ruben Sandwich

This unpretentious dog cafe in Llanrumney puts a lot of love into its menu of buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches, burgers and tacos. But, their reuben sandwich (£ 10), made with corned beef cooked 24 hours a day, is the star of the show. And if you have a canine companion with you, be sure to check out their dog donuts and puppuccinos as well.

Where? Ball Lane, Llanrumney, Cardiff CF3 4JS

12. Longa

A huge sharing breakfast from Longa

This cozy Turkish cafe serves delicious breakfasts all day in vintage Turkish pots. Spice-packed options range from a vegetarian shakshuka (£ 8.50) to baked eggs and Turkish sausage (£ 8.50) served with a basket of fresh bread.

Where? 180 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff CF14 3NB

13. Francs

Hot dog in foil

Based in Cardiff Market, Franks uses quality ingredients to make delicious hot dogs. Choose from a Gloucester Old Spot free-range Frankfurter or a vegetarian dog, which is then stuffed into a light and airy brioche bun. Their classic House Dog (£ 6.50) is served with ketchup, mustard, pickles and fresh onions.

Where? Cardiff Market, St Mary’s Street, Cardiff CF10 1AU

14. Winger

Wingman Cardiff Lemon Pepper Wings

Owned by former Hang Fire Southern Kitchen chef, Wingman serves deliciously crispy and juicy wings with a range of coatings from the classic buffalo and parmesan to garlic to lemon pepper and raspberry scotch bonnet.

Where? The Old Brewery district, Boom Battle Bar, Cardiff CF10 1FG

15. Happy Lok Diner

Happy Lok Chicken Rendang on a Banana Leaf

This value-for-money Crwys Road restaurant serves an eclectic mix of homemade Chinese and Malaysian fare with a plethora of Japanese and Thai dishes for good measure. Their house specials include simmered beef flank soup with fun noodles and honey roasted pork with rice.

Where? 53 Crwys Road, Cardiff CF24 4ND

16. Spits and sawdust

The trendy Spit and Sawdust combines a skate park, café, arts space and studios. They also sell high value burgers made with organic Welsh beef and locally baked buns. Their smoked burger (£ 7) is topped with smoked cheese, coleslaw and barbecue sauce and accompanied by double-cooked golden fries.

Where? Unit B, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff CF23 9AF

17. Hanoi 1991

Vietnamese baguette from Hanoi 1991 Cardiff

Located in the Royal Arcade, this Vietnamese cafe serves Vietnamese chopsticks full of spices (banh mi) and hearty and fragrant noodle soups (pho). I’m a fan of their special banh mi pork roast; a pleasantly light and crispy warm baguette filled with well-marinated meat, tangy pickles, spicy chili sauce, crispy onions and fragrant cilantro.

Where? 28-30 Arcade Royale, Cardiff CF10 1AE

18. Asian Thai delight

Massaman curry in plastic trays from Thai Asian Delish Cardiff

Generous portions of good-value Thai food are on offer at this Cardiff market stall. Pad Thai will set you back just £ 5.50, while a Massaman curry with rice, fries or half and half costs just £ 5.60.

Where? Cardiff Market, St Mary’s Street, Cardiff CF10 1AU

19. Bacareto

A selection of cicheti at Bacaretto

Inspired by the bars of Venice, this effortless downtown spot serves great-value small Italian platters (cicheti), from fried mozzarella to oozing taleggio arancini. Panelles are arguably the biggest deal on the menu. £ 1 will buy you a duo of crispy, chewy chickpea fritters in the center; a good squeeze of lemon brings them to life.

Where? 13 Church Street, Cardiff CF10 1BG

20. KBS

City Road’s KBS never disappoints if you are looking for a value-for-money lamb doner or mixed kebab. They make their own naan breads in their tandoori oven and their salads are always impeccably fresh.

Where? 242 City Road, Cardiff CF24 3JJ

21. McSim

McSims Cardiff Split Pea Pastizz

The specialty of this Maltese bakery is pastizz, a tasty pastry filled with a range of fillings from ricotta and split peas to chicken and beef curry. They also offer good value for money, as each pastizz will only set you back around £ 1.50.

Where? Senghennydd Road, Cardiff CF24 4AZ

22. Cafe Milkwood

Breakfast at Milkwood Cardiff
Milkwood’s breakfast whopper

Once one of Cardiff’s best upscale restaurants, Café Milkwood now serves a delicious range of brunches and sandwiches all day long. Their breakfast (£ 6) is loaded with a premium sausage patty, golden hash browns, soft American cheese, a fried egg, and a nice drizzle of sriracha mayo.

Where? 83 Pontcanna Street, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9HS

23. Oriental bakery in Fang

Mixed buns from Fang's Oriental Bakery, Cardiff

This Asian bakery serves a range of savory and sweet rolls fresh from the oven, from char sui pork buns (£ 2.30) to red bean paste buns (£ 1.50) and toasted buns. pineapple (£ 1.50).

Where? 114 Woodville Road, Cardiff CF24 4EE

Did we miss your favorite inexpensive restaurants? Leave a comment below about it …

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